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Friday, November 24, 2017

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Nashville Predators - Don't Miss Them!

Nashville Predators

If you have never seen the Nashville Predators,,, get off the couch and go! It's something you can take the entire family to see and everyone enjoys themselves.

My recent visit was Predators against the Columbus Blue Jackets - needless to say A Great Game!! Nashville has this amazing talent for being such a wonderful crowd of supporters for the home team, and the Predators are no exception ... it is only something to witness then you will understand. This game was so close and so many shots came within inches till finally, in the last 15 seconds the Predators scored the winning goal. Totally into it, on the edge of your seat and the Predators delivered. There is so much going on at the game that you will truly enjoy the experience even if you are not a total hockey fan. During the intermissions and game time outs the jumbo tron shows different people from the audience cheering for the home team and that is worth the price of admission.

When you go, take in a restaurant on 2nd avenue first and make a night of it. We parked in Commerce garage and had plenty of time to eat and make the game, and still see a few sights on Broadway in the mix.

Get out of that chair and have some fun! See the Nashville Predators next game!!

Nashville Predators tickets here

Nashville Predators Hockey at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville Tennessee

Dance Theatre of Tennessee - Dates, Events

East Meets West - Sat, Feb 22,  2014 7:30pm - Father Ryan High School

East Meets West - Sat, Feb 23,  2014 7:30pm - Father Ryan High School

Hansel and Gretel - Sat, May 3,  2014 7:30pm - Father Ryan High School

Hansel and Gretel - Sat, May 4,  2014 7:30pm - Father Ryan High School

Visit their website if you would like to donate, see a performance or get tickets and enjoy these events in Nashville

Please do visit their website if you plan on attending an event as dates and schedules may be subject to change.


Nashville Sounds Baseball - Schedule, Tickets, Dates

First Tennessee Park, Nashville, Tennessee 


First Aid Kit - February 1, 2018 - 8pm


Get Nashville Sounds Baseball Tickets 

See the Nashville Sounds Entire Schedule by clicking the above link and Enjoy the Sounds Game!!

See More Nashville Sounds Dates and Tickets by clicking the link above... to include Nashville Unleashed announces the addition of acclaimed Nashville Unleashed weekly music series to provide visitors with a high-caliber curated taste of “real” Nashville. is launching new content featuring and curated by acclaimed national touring music act, Nashville Unleashed, to provide visitors with a taste of the “real” Nashville music scene and lifestyle.

Nashville, Tennessee (NEWSWIRE) 1, April, 2014 The Nashville region’s most-visited website for all things timely and relevant – [] – announces the addition of a new content-rich section featuring acclaimed music act, Nashville Unleashed, [—2] to enhance the visitor experience, while offering expertly curated entertainment and a first-hand look into what locals have been calling the “real” Nashville songwriter and general music scene lifestyle.’s mission to provide real-time and relevant content in a concise and fresh manner emphasizes the vibrant cityscape reflected by its internet address: the oft-used hybrid of “Nashville” and “Las Vegas” known as “NashVegas.” Operations Director of, Chad Vance, states, “As the popularity of our website has exploded in recent weeks, we wanted to give our visitors from around the world a real feel of the whole lifestyle – an easy access point to the many cultural and artistic offerings and lifestyles Music City nurtures. The addition of Nashville Unleashed’s curated content is the perfect match for our audiences.”


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WildHorse Saloon Tickets - Concerts 2017

120 2nd Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37201


Hanson - September 16, 2017 - 7pm

Click here to get tickets to Wildhorse Saloon Concerts in Nashville

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